Canada, B.C:: Seniors care jobs in demand


BC Care Providers Association has launched a new campaign aimed at educating the public on what it calls “the enormous opportunity for careers in seniors’ care.”

Daniel Fontaine CEO of the British Columbia Care Providers Association said that statistically, in B.C., seniors care offers the highest job growth of any field in the coming decade.

“Across the province, we could be doing a much better job of being able to implement strategies that will encourage people to come into seniors care.”

Dubbed #BecauseBCCares, the campaign will focus on three key areas: Job growth in seniors care, Job security, The diversity of job types available in the sector.

“Part of this campaign is telling people that we are an ageing society and that there will be a huge amount of growth in seniors care in the next five to 10 years and beyond.” BCCPA represents the majority of non-government seniors’ care providers in B.C.

“We want to kick off that conversation among friends at dinner tables, and within the seniors care sector itself that we have great career opportunities available in high demand fields that will be here for decades to come.”

“We also want to convey there are many job openings in rural and remote areas across British Columbia, not just in the major urban centres. These smaller communities also offer more affordable housing options coupled with a very high quality of life.”

A day-long conference is being held in Surrey, on Jan. 26. The 2nd Annual BC Continuing Care Collaborative is a partnership between BCCPA and the Ministry of Health. The Hon. Adrian Dix will deliver a keynote address to 140 representatives from government, organized labour, health authorities, career colleges, and care providers who will be in attendance. Fontaine said, for anyone interested in attending the conference, he will “move heaven and earth” to open a spot for them.


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